Clubhouse Water Bead Pool

We have had a lot of fun with water beads here at the Clubhouse. From shrinking them to freezing them, from putting them in sensory bottles and baggies full of a variety of liquids, to putting them in sensory tables full of "worms". You name it, and we've probably done it when it comes to these bouncy little beads.

One thing had been left undone though, and after a few weather setbacks, we finally got to check it off of our list...

Don't you just want to dive in?

He did :)

I started "growing beads" the day before we were going to fill up the pool. As easy as it would have been to simply pour them in the pool and let them do what they do, the weather was not allowing me that option. So we had a a little bead laboratory thing happening here.

All in all, I would say I used between 10-12 packets of water beads to fill the pool. Those jars were soon upgraded to buckets, you'd be surprised how much these things grow. Most of our beads came from Rainbow Water Beads. They have a sampler bundle that comes with 15 packets in 15 different colors. More than enough to fill up a kiddie pool, for around $19. Is it worth it?

He sure thought so!!

He had a blast soaking in them, counting them, sifting out certain colors, and even balancing them on his belly button and in between his toes :)

I did have 2 packets of water beads that someone had sent me, which were from amazon.com. I added those to the same mix, in the same amount of water, for the same amount of time. They got ridiculously larger than our average water beads.

We had fun fishing for the "biggest water beads ever". I will tell you one thing though, they got so big that they basically popped when you caught them. They would turn straight to mush if you weren't very careful when you handled them. So, although the size is awesome, they don't seem to last as long or be as resilient as the water beads we usually use. I did post a few links to these big water beads at the end of this post though, because it really was fun to see how big they got. We just wouldn't use them entirely on their own, or we may have just had a pool of mush.

There you have it. You better believe I did get in the pool too, and it really was as fun as it looks. As a matter of fact, I don't think anyone who has been to the Clubhouse in the past couple of days and has seen the pool has been able to resist it.

Swimming in a water bead pool is a definite must add to the Summer Bucket Lists, and now that we have checked it off of our list we are already thinking about what we can do next with our beads!

For more ideas on how to have fun, explore, and even do a little Science with water beads, check out our Adventures in Water Beads page here.

Now go, grow some beads and dive in!

Ms. Liz

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