Clubhouse Storms mean Clubhouse Rainbows

Today was Clubhouse Summer Fun Day. We woke up this morning excited for all we had planned.

Then we noticed the ominous dark clouds.

This is Arizona though so it doesn't rain three times in one week, right?

Not even during monsoon season, right?

I had a very sad Clubhouse Kid on my hands, as he saw all of the activities we had set up outside start drowning under water, and heard Momma making all of the cancelled event phone calls.

Time to rescue this day before a sad Clubhouse Kid turned into a grumpy one. So I asked him, "What comes after the rain?"

"The Sun, and mud puddles, and then nothing else."

"Nothing else? What about in the sky?"

"The Sunshine, did I say that already?"

"What else? Something red, orange, yellow, green, blue..."


How about we go find a Rainbow?

Finally, a hint of the smile I love. He insisted we "take the shield off of the Jeep" so we could better spot our rainbow. Leery to take the top down when there was still a possibility of rain, I did it anyways. He was right, this would make for better rainbow spotting. We drove around our town, all around our town, looking, looking, looking...


"This is the worst. There isn't even a rainbow today?!"

My feeble attempt had failed, sad turned to grumpy. Time for Plan B Plan C.

Let's make a rainbow... and then, let's eat it!!

"Whaaaatttt?! How do we do that?"

He wasn't amused as I pulled into the supermarket, but his attitude quickly changed once inside and I let him loose in produce with one mission. Find the colors in a rainbow...

He ran around produce, finding and then carefully selecting each color of the rainbow. We also talked about whether the selections were fruits or vegetables, and even how they grow (on a tree, from the ground, on a vine...). Soon, our cart was full of rainbows, and we headed home to get to work.

We decided what would be most delicious, and cut them all up into chunks (he cut with my supervision and guidance, of course). Then I put the skewers out and let him make his rainbow.

All smiles now. The day had been saved!! 

Did you know a trip to the produce section could be so fun? We got to explore all of the colors we needed to make a rainbow, discuss fruits and veggies (how they grow, why they're good for us, their shapes, size, scents.. etc), and when it was all said and done, we got big smiles....
...and a healthy treat :)

Now THAT'S how you taste the rainbow (and save the day!),

Ms. Liz

For more fun with rainbows, check out how to host the Rainbow Games, and making Rainbow mandalas!

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