Clubhouse Beads, Bottles and Baggies

As anyone who has used water beads knows, they last awhile if they are stored properly. You can use them in a sensory table, over and over again, and they will be fun every single time. Here at the Clubhouse though, we like to use them in as many ways as possible. Most recently, adding them to a few sensory bottles and baggies.

The first sensory bottle was easy, we already had "fully grown" black water beads from our "can of worms" sensory table, so we added a handful of those to some water. I then added a few green beads that had not expanded yet. Seeing them grow in the bottle was part of the fun.

Immediately this bottle was rolled, shaken, and rolled some more.

Actually, there was a lot of rolling involved with this one...

"Look at how the beads bounce all over when I roll it!"

As the green beads started to grow, that made for even more shaking and rolling. This was one popular bottle!

Next up was a bottle filled with oil, water and
some black water beads. It was interesting to see the separation occur in this one. Even after a lot of shake, rattle and roll, it always separated with the beads on bottom, water in the middle and oil on top. The interesting end result with this bottle was that after a few hours we noticed the black water beads started shrinking. Apparently all of the floating around in oily water after having been shaken took it's toll on the little beads.

Of course, no sensory accessory is as much fun here at the Clubhouse as sensory baggies! It's been awhile since we enjoyed our Creation Station, DIY Sensory Bags so we were excited to get some baggies and hair goop out once again. 

Water beads, hair gel (that thick, goopy kind) and a baggie was all we needed for this. This one was enjoyed by little fingers that tried to squeeze the beads, move them around the bag, squish them, and even line them up in rows. 

In the bags the beads still feel bouncy, especially since you can get a better grip on them. They spring right back when you squeeze them.

The best part is that, lo and behold, even 24 hours later, the beads are still the same size! The Clubhouse Kids were amazed by this and would like to make "lots of bead baggies in all colors!!" 

I think that's a pretty good idea.

As our water bead exploration continues, be sure to stop by our Adventures in Water Beads page.

If you're a blogger, join in on the party by linking up the fun you have had with water beads. 

If you're a parent, teacher, caregiver, wondering how to use water beads with kids.. that's the place to go find out!

As for us, we have some bead baggies to work on...

Ms. Liz

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