Clubhouse Creation: Gak Dough!

There are a lot of materials on hand in the Clubhouse Classroom, available for the Clubhouse Kids to engage, explore and create with.

As they were trying to decide between a container of Glitter Gak and one full of Cloud Dough, a Clubhouse Kid asks,

"What would happen if we mixed them together?"


Clubhouse Season Changes: Hello Fall

In case you're new around here, you should know that the Clubhouse is located in the Arizona desert. This means we do seasons differently around here. Leaves don't fall off of a cactus, and we don't have to take out the long sleeved shirts and pants until sometime in December.

This doesn't mean we don't thoroughly enjoy the sights, scents and simple pleasures of the Fall season though. We just have to bring them to us.

 What better way to do that than in a basket?


The Clubhouse Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month: Rice and Beans

September 15th to October 15th is National Hispanic Heritage month.

What better time to introduce the language, arts, foods and celebrations of Hispanic cultures than now?

As a Hispanic mother raising a biracial, bilingual child, we often enjoy the books, foods and music of our culture. Exploring other Hispanic cultures, and bringing the fun to all of the Clubhouse Kids, is something we are excited about this month. We plan on sharing a variety of ways we delve into Hispanic Heritage over the next few weeks, but what better place to start than a good book and some rice and beans?

My Clubhouse Kid: Air Mail

My Clubhouse Kid is aware of a lot of different ways to communicate.
He has been Skyping with his Abuelita (my mother) since he could sit up in front of the screen and coo.
When he wants to let Daddy know something while he's at work,
he knows how to audio text like a pro.
He knows all about sending e-mails, leaving voice mails, and has had his fair share of trips to the post office to send actual mail.

Being so aware of all of the different ways that we can communicate with those far away from us, I shouldn't have been surprised when one day he asked me...

"Can I send Grandpa Mario a text?"

Mario is my father.
He passed away almost 20 years ago.
I would love to send him a text.
I'd pay anything for that Skype call.
I wish, above all, there was an app for that.

There isn't though, so as my son looked at me awaiting an answer, I knew I had to come up with a way to allow my son to feel like his grandfather could receive a message from him.


Clubhouse Sticky Blocks

Most days the Clubhouse Kids love to build tall towers,
stacking blocks until they all come tumbling down.
Today, the tumbling down part was apparently getting a little bit annoying,

"Ms. Liz, can't we make these blocks stick?"


Clubhouse Mail: Hugs for Grandma!

While we honor our grandparent's this week, we had to take some time to be sure to send a little love to our long distance grandparent's.


The Clubhouse Celebrates Grandparents with Giveaway Fun! [CLOSED]

This Sunday September 9th is National Grandparent's Day, and this year the Clubhouse would like to spend the entire week honoring Grandparent's with posts, links, and of course... a giveaway!

So let's get right to the part I know you're waiting for... giveaway details ;)

We are hosting the week long event on the Fit Kids Clubhouse Facebook page here.

First, like the page. That gets you in, and then the fun can begin!

There is a photo album entitled "Grandparent's Day Giveaways" highlighted on the Fit Kids Facebook wall.

Within that album you will find photos of all of the items up for grabs.

Each photo will contain details on how you can enter to win that specific prize. The entries are simple, usually just a comment on the photo or a quick like of the sponsor's Facebook page will get your "ticket in the basket" for your chosen prize.

On Sunday we will randomly select names from each prizes "basket" and winners will be announced!

So, what are the prizes you ask?

Here's a sneak peek: