About Ms. Liz

Born in Buffalo, NY on a cold, snowy day (which is most days, and why I moved to the desert), I knew from a very early age that I wanted to teach.

I was the girl on the playground in Kindergarten who taught the other kids to tie their shoes.

The teenager that spent my weekends engaging in arts and crafts with my little sister and all of her Preschool friends.

In College, I was the student who genuinely enjoyed going to my Early Childhood Development and Education classes.

In Graduate School, studying School Counseling and Education, I was the woman who never met an Internship I didn't like. Being surrounded by children and elbow deep in play-dough makes me happy.

Four years ago, I became the Mommy who took a hiatus from her teaching career to stay home with her new baby boy. That's when Fit Kids Clubhouse was born and  I was the Preschool teaching Mommy who could be found running around the Clubhouse singing, laughing, teaching, reading, and always having a good time.

This past year I accepted a position in which I get to visit all of the family child care centers in the county in which I live. From assessing the environment in which they teach to assisting them in obtaining the appropriate materials to teach with and training them on how to use said materials, I thoroughly enjoy helping others nurture, educate and play with the children in their care.

Best part? My office is also my home, and the Clubhouse fun continues ;)

...because really, you're never too old to start a Clubhouse!

Meet the family:
How we take a family pic...
Somehow Momma always ends up
with stinky toes in her face?
(This pic was so not intentional,
yet turned out to be a favorite) 
The Fit Kid that never leaves the Clubhouse,
because he belongs to me :)
Check out those dance moves!!

Ok, let me try for a serious family picture here... 

We totally love that kid,
and this is about as serious as we get :)

I am new to this entire blogging thing, but I am definitely enjoying it. Exploring all of the ideas/activities/tips that are out there and being able to share our own Clubhouse Adventures, is quite rewarding on many levels. Be patient with me though, I am a blogging baby and still sort of trying to figure it all out.... ;)

Five Fun Facts:
  1. My husband was my date to the Junior Prom in 1994. He stuck around for Senior Prom, stayed by my side through the College years, and then dropped to one knee and altered the course of his life forever :D This year we will have been married for 13 years, and I think I'll keep him.
  2. I love sports. I still cheer for the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres and New York Mets. I know I live in the Arizona desert now, but some things are just innate.
  3. My Son picks out his own clothes, and that is why although his wardrobe is extensive you may see him wearing the same thing in 4 different posts, all in the same week. He's also never had a hair cut. That sort of just happened and we're ok with that. After all, I did get the "Best Hair" award in high school, so it's almost my duty to allow the legacy to carry on, no?
  4. I love Salsa music and can be found dancing around to it whenever I'm not doing the hokey pokey. As a matter of fact, I very much enjoy a Salsa hokey pokey.
  5. I am fluent in 5 languages. English, Spanish, Spanglish, things babies gurgle, and stuff Toddlers say. Really. Call me if you need a translator.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your time at the Clubhouse. If you would like to contact me, feel free to send me an email at FitKidsClubhouse@gmail.com, or find Fit Kids Clubhouse on Facebook here.

By the way, you can just call me Liz... :)


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