Clubhouse Year In Review: Top 10

As 2012 comes to an end, I thought it would be fun to take a little walk down memory lane and visit some of the most popular Clubhouse posts of this past year.

Coming in at #10,
one of our first Clubhouse Showdowns!

Goop vs. Gak.

Do you know who won?

Find out here!

On a hot Arizona day in May, #9 was born.

Rainbow Bubbles!

Do you know how to color bubbles?

Find out here!

Here at the Clubhouse we had A LOT of fun discovering and exploring with water beads in 2012.

So, what happens when we added a few pipes to our water bead play?

Why, Clubhouse Plumbers of course!

Coming in at #8, Waterbead Plumbing.

Have you explored with water beads yet?

See all of the ways they can be used on our water bead page here.

We make our own paint here at the Clubhouse all of the time. The fact that this post came in at #7 goes to show all of you out there are looking to make your own paints too.

Our DIY Watercolors painted vibrant colors, and were a lot of fun for the kids to make. Plus, they loved painting with the paint they made all by themselves.

Need the recipe? Here is it!

A bar of Ivory soap, a microwave, and 2 minutes, is how we landed at #6.

This post generated a lot of emails with the same question,

"Will this ruin my microwave?"

I'll have you all know, we are still using the same microwave, and every once in awhile we still stick soap in there ;)

For details on how to use soap in a Science experiment,
see here.

Coming in at our #5 post of 2012 is a tray activity that led to a 3D Art project.

Clubhouse Tray: 3D Art, all you need are pipe cleaners and a latch hook canvas.

3D art continues to adorn corners of the Clubhouse :)
Here's an activity I am sure we will revisit in Fall 2013.

Am I talking about Fall already? Sorry!

Fall Sensory Bags land at #4.

Sensory bags are popular, and so are Clubhouse Creation Stations. When I put the two together we ended up with #3, DIY Sensory Bags.

Preschoolers really are the best at making sensory bags ;)

To see some of their creations (and get some great sensory bag ideas), check out the post here.

Let's start to wrap up this countdown, with a hug! Also known as our second most popular post of 2012.

Do you know how to mail a hug? If not, be sure to get the details here, because everyone loves getting hugs in the mail!!

Finally we have reached #1. The most popular post of 2012 is an absolute adventure in Preschool Science. We proved that anything can be learned when you make it fun.. and add a lot of balloons ;) To read the post that led to a group of 3 year old Clubhouse Kids being able to distinguish between the States of Matter, check it out here.

There you have it.. The Top 10 Clubhouse posts of 2012!!

What a great year we had playing, learning, laughing and just plain having FUN :)

Thank you for stopping by the Clubhouse, and joining in on the fun.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Clubhouse Friends,
Ms. Liz

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Clubhouse Christmas, A Green Event

Today being December 1st, the countdown to Christmas has officially started here at the Clubhouse. Last night I got out last year's Advent Calendar, which I made out of all recycled materials. Tissue paper from gift bags, Christmas cards from year's past (yes, I save everything), brown paper bags, and even some wrapping paper. This year, we get to use it again.. so I guess it's re-recycled? 

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