Traveling Clubhouse: Tray Table Town

The day for us had finally arrived. It was time to take the Clubhouse on the road :)

The evening before departure my Clubhouse Kid got a sneak peek of the "Traveling Clubhouse" activity bags as I packed them into the carry on. He was definitely excited to get his hands on them, and talked about them all the way to the airport the next morning.

Travel Tip: Preparing specialized activities, and having "special snacks" for travel will give your traveling Preschooler something to look forward to. Choose activities that will be new to them and snacks they don't usually get to indulge in. Let them sneak a peek before your travels at all of the goodies that are in store, and it should help to ease the transition when it's time to leave home and board a plane, or buckle up for a long road trip.

I was convinced that my carry on full of baggies would be completely used up by the time we landed in Buffalo, NY. Oh boy was I wrong.
In a good way ;)

In this post I will share the most popular activity for my Clubhouse Kid on our travels. Special thanks to some readers who shared a sandpaper and yarn activity on the Fit Kids Clubhouse Facebook page, they inspired me to create this activity bag.

I cut different color felt into a variety of shapes. When I cut the shapes (triangles, rectangles, circles, and squares of all sizes), I had designs in mind (roads, houses, clouds, a Sun, trees, etc.) that could be created from the shapes. I put all of the felt pieces into a baggie and added a few small toy vehicles my Son had in his room. All in all, felt and sandpaper were all that were purchased to make this bag, costing less than $2.

On the flight he put the sandpaper sheet right on the tray table and got to work. Although I cut the felt with designs in mind, I didn't guide this activity for him. I simply told him he could use the felt to "build a town" on the sandpaper. He did the rest.

"I'm making the road."

"I made the doctor's house."

"This road has to go this way..."

On and on he built his town. He made a doctor's house, a park, a police station, and even "an app store, where they drive to buy apps!" Arranging and rearranging felt pieces and moving the cars around, he became completely engrossed in this activity. At one point he had one sheet of sandpaper on his tray table and another on mine, as he grew two towns which were connected by a "bridge". I should have brought a third piece of sandpaper, it seemed to me the man on my right really wanted to play along too.

We didn't even make it through half of our activity bags because this one engaged my Clubhouse Kid for well over an hour. It's definitely a keeper!

The good thing is, this activity could very easily be a simple tray activity in the Clubhouse Classroom this Fall.

Please don't look too closely at the photos, I am apparently not very good at cutting felt...


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