Clubhouse Cloud Dough Bakery

Sometimes I get an idea from a book the Clubhouse Kids are really enjoying, or comments I hear in the classroom during play. Even just a question from a child or parent can spark an entire array of activities in my mind.

In this case, I just had a lot of flour.

Really, too much.

So, the Cloud Dough Bakery was born.


The Clubhouse Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month: Spicy Tamale Art

This year, I am six, so I get to mix the dough, which is made of cornmeal. My sister Lidia is eight, so she gets to spread the dough on the corn husk leaves. I wish I was eight, so that my hands would be big enough to spread the dough just right--not too thick and not too thin...
          -Growing Up With Tamales by Gwendolyn Zepeda

As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month here at the Clubhouse, we have been reading some good books about food. Food is a big part of the Hispanic Culture, with many cultures having specific foods/recipes that are passed down from generation to generation.

A popular favorite at the Clubhouse?


So, I decided it was time to bring some of the ingredients, scents and spices of tamales into the Classroom, the Clubhouse way.