Clubhouse Mail: Hugs for Grandma!

While we honor our grandparent's this week, we had to take some time to be sure to send a little love to our long distance grandparent's.

When I told the Clubhouse Kids we were going to mail hugs they looked at me as though I might be slightly crazy. Then again, they look at me like that often ;)

What, you don't think it can be done?

Let me show you.

First, we need hands.

I let the Clubhouse Kids choose their color of card stock, and I traced their little paws. We had a Clubhouse Kid who decided he wanted to trace his own hands. So, of course, I concurred. He traced.
His "hands on" initiative was cute.

His hand...

That wasn't really going to work for this specific project, but I simply told him it was so perfect there was no way I could cut it out and we would have to mail it to his Grandmother in tact.
Hear that Mom?
Big, blue hand headed your way.

After cutting out their hands, they went to work on design.

 "Look, I drew my bones!"

Here I thought we were just mailing hugs. Little did I know we would also be mailing bones. I hope the Post Office is OK with that.

Once hands were designed we had to measure our hugs. 

What? You didn't know a hug could be measured? 
Anything can incorporate Math, my 5th Grade teacher taught me that.
Mr. Flory, are you out there? You'd be so proud.

"This is how big I open my arms before I hug!"

Thirty Three inches big to be exact. The Clubhouse Kids loved this part, measuring out their "hug-spans". Get it? Wing span? Hug span? 
Preschool humor. I may have inhaled a little glitter today. Forgive me.

Once measured we had to cut paper to match our measurements.
"This looks like the right amount of units."

We talked about inches. 
We compared the differences in all of the hug spans. 
Suddenly I had a room full of boys arguing, 
"Mine is bigger than yours!"

Here I thought that didn't happen until High School?

I assured everyone that as long as their hugs were packed with lots of love, then they all had the biggest hug their Grandparents could ever ask for.

They bought it.

On to decorating the hug-spans.

This Clubhouse Kid was "writing a note" on his slip, then he asked me to interpret it.. hence why I wrote, "A Hug From _______".

Once the slips were decorated we simply glued the hands on the ends and *presto*, all ready to be folded up and put into an envelope.

If you can find an envelope that holds all of that love, of course!

Upon receipt of their envelope, grandparent's everywhere can wrap themselves up in a pint sized (and accurately sized) hug!! Perfect.

I  made one too.
I'm going to give it to my husband as he's walking through the door from work and I'm running out to go for a bike ride ;)

Ms. Liz

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