Clubhouse Worm Diary, Day 2

Working our way through "Diary of a Worm", it was time to talk tunneling.

Where to begin?

Dirt Paint.

It was simple.

1 cup Flour.
1 cup Salt.
1 cup Water.
A few tablespoons of Black tempera paint.

They mixed it all up, and were pleased.

"We made dirt!"

I had another ingredient on hold,
but first it was time to start making our "worm village".

We had some cardboard perfect for this, so they went straight to work at spreading the "dirt".

While the Clubhouse Kids were at work, I started sprinkling in the "secret ingredient"...

coffee grounds.

We always have a jar of coffee grounds on standby. It can be used anywhere from our garden to our play dough concoctions... and it is especially fun in dirt paint!

They continued to spread, until we had a nice thick layer and we were ready to start tunneling.

"When we dig tunnels, we help take care of the Earth." -Worm, Diary of a Worm 

Ready, Set, Tunnel...

With fingers as worms, they tunneled in circles, straight lines, shapes, and even letters.

I had one of those blissful moments as a Preschool teacher where you can just sit back, listening, and watch learning unfold.

"I'm making a tunnel through the dirt and helping the Earth breathe!!"

Worm would be so happy :)

"These 2 worms are making a plan. You go that way, I'll go this way!!"

On and on they went. 
When they had tunneled in every available space, they smoothed the surface and started again.

"Look I made a letter D. 
Deee, dir, dir...dirt!!"

Sometimes parents ask me how I will teach their child letters if I don't utilize letter worksheets and have specified "writing lessons". I simply assure them, they will learn as they play. How I wish those parents were around for moments like that one :)

There you have it, a morning of tunneling to help the Earth breathe. 
Brought to you by the letter D.... and the Diary of a Worm.

If you missed Day 1 of our Worm Diary activities, when we were elbow deep in shaving cream instead of dirt, check it out here.

Worm adventures continue tomorrow, with this...

Did they mix up the perfect color or what?

Ms. Liz

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