Clubhouse Worm Diary, Day 5

"Today is May One Ms. Liz, just like in the book!!"

Well look at that, they really do pay attention in the morning when we change out our calendar days. 

Conversation easily led into discussing good manners (comments recorded into their own Clubhouse Diaries, of course).

"That's when you say please, thank you, and no way!"

"When you fart you say excuse me..."

Real Gentlemen we have here at the Clubhouse ;)

On to today's sensory adventure. 

I can hear you now... finally they get to touch worms!!

Not quite. That's all saved up for the Grand Finale of Day 7, of course.

Today, water beads. If you have read any of my previous posts on this, you know how we love water beads around here. Well, thanks to the generous sponsors of our most recent water bead giveaway, Rainbow Water Beads, we have every color of the Rainbow and then some to continue our adventures with. As a matter of fact, we have heard from some of our giveaway winners that they are creating quite colorful sensory tables for Cinco De Mayo and Memorial Day this month. Exciting!

Back to the Clubhouse, and worms.

We had a nice big bowl full of black water beads (how cool are those?!), and strategically hidden (or just thrown right in) cooked angel hair pasta, worms. Add some cans for worm collecting, and today's Clubhouse Kids were ready for their worm hunt.
"I found a long one!"

Then they dumped the bowl right into the sensory table because 
"that will make it easier to find these worms."

"This is a slippery one!"

"Don't let them get away!"

"The water makes them come out!"

"They like it in the can!!"

On and on they went, digging, squishing, splashing and pulling out the "worms" to fill their cans.
"This one is crawling up my arm!!"

Wasn't long before they brought over a variety of other objects to the table. An ice cube tray, a colander, a few sticks. All in the name of finding every single worm!

Which they did, and once their cans were full... they were happy. 

So they dumped them all back in and started over again, of course.

Only 2 days left in our Diary Of A Worm adventures.

Real, live, wiggly, slimy worms...
here we come.

The things I do for the Clubhouse Kids,


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