Clubhouse Science: Dehydration

"The marble is the same size as the beads!"

We put a handful of water beads out on some wax paper in the Sunshine, and added a few marbles to the mix. They were just about the same size, the beads looking very much like marbles at this point. Out came the Clubhouse Science Journal, as we started yet another experiment with water beads! We have seen them grow in water, now what happens when they have no water?

The Clubhouse Kids love experiments that involve observation over an extended period of time. From soaking eggs in jars full of varying substances over a period of a week, to observing different ice cubes melt throughout a day, we definitely have a lot of little Scientists over here who enjoy making predictions and observing changes.

"I think the beads will stay huge!"

"They will get smaller!"

"They will disappear!!"

Let the games begin.

After about an hour:
"The bead is shrinking!!!"

After about 3 hours:
"The Sunshine drank up all the water in the bead!"

Oh how I love when a child makes a comment that I can expand on, teaching a valuable lesson. The water beads were definitely shrinking, and this Clubhouse Kid presented me with the perfect intro to talk about how important it is for us to drink lots of water, because that Arizona Sunshine likes to drink up the water in our bodies too! Word of the day: Dehydration. Yes, water beads can even expand their vocabulary ;)

"They need waterrrr to grow, just like we do!"

"I don't want to shrink from deee-hyy-drayy-shunn!"

Back into the water they went with the rest of the beads and marbles, 
and soon enough:

"They're all huge again!"
"I like them better when they grow, not when they shrink!"
"Water is good!"

Growing versus shrinking, another look at opposites. Using water to stay hydrated, a bonus Health lesson. These little beads really do make for a lot of ways to learn!!

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Stay hydrated my friends,
Ms. Liz

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