DIY Clubhouse Watercolors

One of our favorite things to do around here is make paint. From coffee paint to epsom salt paint. From petroleum jelly paint to dirt paint. You name it, we've tried it. Puffy paint? Yes, we did that one too. Providing the Clubhouse Kids with materials they can use to artistically create is always a priority, allowing them to make those materials themselves is always an experience.

Clubhouse Tray: 3D Art

This activity is a perfect example of what happens when I set out a simple invitation to engage in an activity, and the Clubhouse Kids decide to pick it up and take off running.
Not literally. 
There was no running involved. 
Actually, there was a lot of sitting still involved. 


Clubhouse Gak, Just Add Anything!

At the Clubhouse we call it Gak.
We make it with three simple ingredients; glue, water and liquid starch.

Then there are days where we add some extra ingredients...