Clubhouse Paint: Cotton Balls Required

Sometimes I spot something in the kitchen/pantry/closet, and I remember a craft/activity/project I used to do back in my Preschool teaching days in Phoenix. When that happens I usually get pretty excited to bring the fun to the Clubhouse Classroom!

That's what happened in the kitchen the other day when I was unrolling aluminum foil. I couldn't believe I hadn't done this one with the Clubhouse Kids yet!

Vaseline (a.k.a. petroleum jelly) and aluminum foil.

I laid the foil out on the table, and put some globs of Vaseline everywhere.

"We're going to paint on shiny stuff with gucky stuff, yayy!"

They were excited already.

Some used paintbrushes to start spreading the Vaseline around.
Others dove right in with their fingers.

Once they adapted to the consistency of our new "paint", we decided to add some colors by squirting tempera paint all over our foil canvas. 

At this point one Clubhouse Kid declared, 
"We need cotton balls for this!".
So of course, they quickly added them to the mix.

They dipped the cotton balls into the paint and then into the now deemed, "gucky stuff", and started to blend it all together.

Fingers, paintbrushes and cotton balls swirled all over.

One Clubhouse Kid steadily focused on using her paintbrush to push the cotton ball around.

"Cotton ball painting!"
"Painting on shiny stuff with gucky stuff" turned into an activity that they worked on throughout the day, coming back to the table whenever they wanted to add a little color, or move some cotton balls around.

 Honestly, the cotton balls were such a favorite I wish I could say I had thought of it myself. Trumped by a Preschooler again!

In the end, these creations can easily be displayed. You just crinkle up the foil around the picture to create a "frame" and find a good spot on the wall.

It doesn't entirely dry, but the cotton balls stay stuck and it makes for a pretty shiny, textured, art display.

When it was all said and done, the Clubhouse Kids were all very proud of their creations, and also realized an added bonus...

"My hands are so soft!"

For the record, a dry towel on standby to wipe off the petroleum jelly before hands get washed is the easiest way to clean up.

Although the Clubhouse Kids did enjoy trying to wash their gucky covered hands.

"This is slippery stuff!"

"The water doesn't wash it off!!"

"I have shiny hands!!"

Which led to a bonus lesson on how the Vaseline coats our hands in a "jelly" that seals our skin and repels the water. This gave me ideas regarding a variety of ways we can use petroleum jelly for some upcoming Science experiments ;) You know how we love Science around here. It's also a great addition to sensory activities. Water beads in Vaseline anyone? Hmmmm...

For now, we shall just enjoy our soft hands, and restock on cotton balls.

Ms. Liz

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