Clubhouse Bubbles: Colorful Edition

Often the first thing a Clubhouse Kid asks me when we're walking through the doors to head outside is,

"What's in the water table?!"

Can't very well just say water, now can I?

Truth is, as the Sun is heating up here in the Arizona desert, that means A LOT of water play in the outdoor sensory table is in store for us. Sometimes it really is as simple as some water and a couple of funnels. Trust me, kids can play with that on a hot day for quite some time! Usually though, we do like to get creative with what goes in there.

Thank you to My Small Potatoes and their post on rainbow bubbles for the inspiration on this colorful concoction. 

Dish soap, water, a few drops of food coloring (the more colors the better) and a bin to hold it all in... that's all you need! 

Once mixed, she drained the water out and let her small potatoes have lots of fun with colorful bubbles :) Here at the Clubhouse, I decided to leave the water in there (it was a hot day, the wetter they get the better) and added a few little "hidden surprises"...

"There's something in my rainbow hand!"

"I dropped it!"

"Found it!!"

At this point an onlooking Clubhouse Kid announces,

"If there's one, there must be more!"

Oh they know me so well.

Elbow deep in rainbow bubbles they sifted around until they were certain they had collected every single ball in the mix. 

It was a colorful way to cool off on a hot Arizona day! 

I have done a lot with food coloring, and a lot with bubbles... but who knew mixing the two would look so great?! Oh, that's right, Small Potatoes did :) 

Don't you just love the internet sometimes?

Ms. Liz

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