Clubhouse Painting: No Paper Required

Sometimes it really is so simple.

Ever since we made our shaving cream Earths, the Clubhouse Kids have been asking to paint with shaving cream. Or so I thought they wanted to paint...

We started with shaving cream (at this point we were actually using paper).

Added a little color, a few drops here and there and let them swirl it all around.

Trust me, just a few drops of food coloring go a long way in an activity like this.

The Clubhouse Kids stayed on the paper (and paper plates) for a little while...

Swirling, pressing paper on top, creating their shaving cream art.

Then they got feisty.

Lost the paper all together and decided on a little table art.

When I taught at a Preschool in Phoenix, AZ this was a classroom favorite, but it hasn't been something I have seen the Clubhouse Kids explore, until today.

They spread it all over the table.
"Look, I can make it squish in my fingers!"
"It's a color monster!!!"
"Color monster is going to get youuuu..."
Moisturizing spa treatment anyone?
An activity they were literally quite up to their elbows in.

"X marks the spot!"

Wasn't long before they started writing letters in the cream, just as they did in the dirt paint we made last week. The Clubhouse Kids get a lot of letter writing practice in when it comes to letting them get their hands dirty :)

A can of shaving cream and a table. Sensory simplicity at it's finest.

...and we did even manage to salvage some actual shaving cream art on paper.

As for the mess, it all came out in the outdoor sensory table which was full of soapy water they used in their car wash. That's the trick right there... when a classroom activity becomes a little messy, putting soapy water in the sensory table always does the trick. They clean themselves right up!

As for the table, nothing a little towel couldn't remove. 
No razor required.

Ms. Liz

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