Clubhouse Worm Diary, Day 4

Tired of Diary of a Worm yet? The Clubhouse Kids sure aren't!

Although we have yet to discover an actual worm, they are still excited to be going along with the pages in the book and making their own fun as we go.

Today's Clubhouse Kid idea...

"Worms live under the grass, under the dirt, inside their tunnels. Let's dig holes!"

Sure we could do a little digging of our own, and see what we come up with.

Another feeble attempt at worm hunting in the desert which I knew would turn up dry. Pun intended. The desert is definitely DRY right now. Kids like to dig though, right?

Plus we are going to start our new garden this week, so that's a perfect place to start the hole digging.

We have Clubhouse Kid sized shovels, rakes and gardening gloves, so they got right to work digging...

...and digging,

...and digging.

No worms there!

We decided to take advantage of a freshly dug hole and plant our Cactus clippings.

What better way to start off our new Clubhouse Garden then with a couple of Cacti?

That didn't end our worm fun though.

Recently we decided to make a batch of worm colored puffy paint. Of course I asked the kids what colors they thought we should mix together so that our paint would be the color of Worm.

This is what they come up with:

They added healthy squeezes of orange, yellow, brown and white paint to the puffy paint mixture (equal parts flour, salt, water).

Then they mixed it all up, and I must admit I was thoroughly impressed with the results. I mean, I'm impressed with everything the Clubhouse Kids create, but when it came to creating a color to match Worm they actually did just that:

Crayola couldn't have even topped that result!

The worm colored puffy paint went into a squeeze bottle. Today I had it out with green tissue paper squares, glue, brown/black paint, dirt paint, and paper. I didn't provide any direction, just let them enjoy all of the different materials. Most of them immediately layered the elements, grass.. dirt.. worm.

They painted, glued, and painted some more.

"I'm putting worm in his tunnel!"

"Worm needs more dirt under him."

While they painted and created their worm art, I started conversation based on some of the things Worm shares in his diary.

We are making our own diaries after all, and we need some good material.

The Clubhouse Kids know we are making diaries, and they were aware I was writing down what they said for their books. They love when I write down what they say, and they are all the more excited that these books will go home with them when they are complete, and they can "read" them to their parents.
So we started at the beginning...
What are some things that your Mom tells you to remember?

Well that sure opened a can of worms, pun intended again ;)

Here are a few for you to enjoy, children remaining anonymous of course...

"Go poop in the potty."

"Eat your chicken."

"Don't wet your underpants."

"Don't wake up the baby!"

"Say your prayers."

These kids rock :)

Tomorrow they get their hands on their diaries as they design their covers, and we continue to fill the pages.

Diary of a Worm fun continues, and yes, yes I promise, I will get these kids around some real worms before this is all said and done!!

Ms. Liz

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