Clubhouse Worm Diary, Day 3

This morning just as we were about to head to our playground, the clouds closed in on us and the rain started pouring! In that very instant my Son looks at me and says,

"This is great! It means we're going to get a Rainbow!!"

If only we all thought that way as soon as the rain started to fall ;)

Then came the comment that changed our plans for the day,

"Worm comes out after it rains, right?!" 

I simply couldn't bring myself to tell him that I have never, in my 6 years in Arizona, seen a worm. Instead I made the impromptu decision that looking for worms would be our adventure that morning. Definitely more fun than explaining to excited little faces that the Sun is too hot, the dirt is too dry, and that little bit of rain really wasn't enough.

So off we went on a walk to look for worms.
They looked, and looked, and looked.
This is the closest we came to finding one:

"Oh mannnn, it's just a stick!"

About this time I decided it was time to step up this adventure. 

On our list of Diary of a Worm activities is Hopscotch. In the book, the children play after the rain and the worms  have to hide because to them, "it's a very dangerous game."

Hopscotch it is. One twist, we are going to hopscotch through puddles.

"What did you say? Did you say to jump in the puddles?" 

At first they were a little hesitant. 

That's when I realized that for some, this would be their first venture into puddle jumping.

Oh the Joys of Preschool.

Yes Clubhouse Kids, you can actually hopscotch through the puddles.

That was about all I had to say...

Funny how quickly one can get the hang of this puddle thing.

They never did find a worm. 
That was ok though, 
because they definitely became experts at hopscotch in a puddle.

Now what could be more fun after a desert rain than that?

We will just have to find worms at the bait shop.

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