Clubhouse Easter Eggs, More Spaghetti Please!

After our adventure in dying all of our Easter eggs with vegetables we decided to continue on the path of naturally decorating, and kicked it up notch. Now we weren't just using veggies.. we were adding blueberries, red onion peels, brown rice, oats, pastina and, of course, spaghetti!

This idea was completely inspired by The Chocolate Muffin Tree who did it last year and thankfully put it out into the blogosphere, where I was able to find it this year!

It really is so simple.

I put this tray of "goodies" next to our veggie bowl which still had some of the veggies we had been using to dye eggs.

I gave each Clubhouse Kid a scrap of cloth (an old t-shirt I had cut up), and a raw egg. Although I explained how the egg was not cooked yet and we had to be gentle, we did experience our first (but only!) casualty.

Hey, it happens. I'm surprised it only happened once!

Now I just let the kids "decorate" their eggs however they deemed fit.

They piled everything onto and around their eggs, talking about their creations.

"This is going to be a Spaghetti egg!"
"My egg has a lot of Spinnijjj and Onion skin!"

Once they were done we tied the t-shirt bags up tight with a couple of shoelaces.
Then we placed them into a pot of water, brought it to a boil, and then just let them simmer while we tackled the new tire swing on the Clubhouse Playground.

When we returned, they unveiled their creations. 
(I, of course, had let the bags cool before handing them over to little hands.)
"The egg is gone?!?"
"Oh, there it is! COOL!!"
"Can I eat the Spaghetti now?"

All in all, it was a success... and such a creative way to color some more eggs!
 Now isn't that more fun than a drop of food coloring in a bowl? ;)

You've got to break a few eggs to make an.. oh wait, that doesn't apply here.

Ms. Liz

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