Clubhouse Scavenger Hunt, The Rainbow Games

We have officially been on the Rainbow Express this week here at the Clubhouse. From making rainbows in milk to making rainbows with play dough, this week is all about color. So what better way to get out there and have fun with colors than a good ol' fashioned Scavenger Hunt!!

First, I had to sneak out into our outdoor space armed with a bucket full of color. Of course there are natural elements outdoors that I knew the kids would find... orange flowers, yellow leaves, green grass, even some colorful rocks. That wasn't going to be enough for what I had planned though, so I had to add some color to the elements.

I used anything and everything that was around the Clubhouse Classroom and tucked away in my Son's bedroom closet, and I "hid" it all over the great outdoors.

Once every color was represented out there, I got to work on our Rainbow Sensory Table.

That was definitely a lot of work.

No really, all I had to do was dump all of the remaining colorful items that were in my bucket, into the table. No food coloring required this time around :)

Once the sensory table was exploding with colors (every color of the rainbow, of course) it was time to set up the color stations.

Every color had a station, spread throughout our space.

This activity was going to involve a lot of running around outdoors... perfect.

The kids were extremely excited in the classroom later that morning when I told them they would be going on a Scavenger Hunt. I mean really, doesn't that just sound cool?

Explaining that colors were everywhere, and each color had to get back to it's "color station", they were ready! (I should note that at this point the sensory table was closed... that was for part 2 of our rainbow antics.)

First they got to explore everywhere, finding all of the hidden colors and taking them to their color appropriate stations.

They searched high and low, calling out to each other every time they saw something. They raced to color stations, compared objects they found, and managed to find every hidden object out there. At least I think they did. Next week I'll find a red block in a bush, I'm sure.

The best part is, the kids who have just started learning colors were the most excited during this activity. "THIS IS BLUE!!", "THIS IS YELLOW!!", getting the color right every time. Could there be a more fun way to teach colors?

I suppose that could have been enough of an activity but then I opened the sensory table and unleashed a little tool I smuggled out of an old board game...

Now the kids got to spin the wheel.

Each spin they got a color. They went into the sensory table and chose as many items as they wanted of that color.

...but that's not all!

Each spin also has a body part (left hand, right foot, etc..) and they had to be sure they were using that body part while returning the items to their color station.

We had kids hopping on their left foot while clutching an armful of green, waving their right hand while their left hand held something blue. Even I joined in on the fun (by the way, I did much better at this than I ever did at the game this particular spinner was taken from.)

In the end, every single item found a home at it's proper color station. The kids had jumped, hopped, waved, kicked (yes, you can kick the item with your left foot all the way to the green station... great thinking kid!), and laughed their way through the morning.

After all of their hard work, I handled clean up on my own. Which really just means I dumped everything back into the sensory table.

I know these kids, and they are going to want to do it all again later anyways.

Also, there are several items from The Rainbow Games that will be used on Friday when we make our Clubhouse Rainbow Mandala. We will have to sift those out tomorrow.

It is definitely a colorful week at the Clubhouse!!

By the way, this was definitely an activity that tired out the kiddos (always a bonus!), and sometimes they needed to take a little break...

which they chose to do at the appropriate color station :)

Grab a bucket of colors and have some fun,

Ms. Liz

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  1. Aaah what fun indeed! Anything rainbow is just gorgeous!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty! Great to see you there!

    Maggy & Alissa

  2. This looks like such a fun educational activity for the kids. I can't wait to see your Rainbow Mandalas.