Clubhouse SURPRISE!!

A few weeks ago I set up the Clubhouse Creation Station: DIY Sensory Bags. The kids were able to create their own sensory bags from a wide variety of materials. For more details on the fun we had with our creation station, read about it here.

This post is in some ways a follow up, but mostly it's just a pleasant surprise.

Many of the sensory bags we created are still in the Clubhouse Classroom, and still being enjoyed by little hands (and feet). They are all in a basket, readily available to be explored.

So, remember this one?

He poured some dirt into a bag.

He threw in a few seeds,
and then sprayed a little water in there.

He called it his "seed bag".

We sealed it up and added it to the basket of sensory bags.

 It has been squished, tossed and manhandled while kids played "find the seeds!!"

It was sometimes left at the bottom of the basket of sensory bags, covered by other baggies full of goop, marbles and dried pasta.

Often times it was completely forgotten about.
I mean come on, it was just dirt in a bag.

Until today...


Someone decided to go into the sensory baggie basket this morning and look for his "seed bag". Imagine his surprise, and my own, when the seed bag had now become "a garden bag!!!!" 

We counted the sprouts, examined the very visible roots, discussed how they grew.
Honestly, I was slightly boggled by this discovery.  
I have planted seeds before. 
Given them the prescribed amount of sunshine, 
measured out just the right amounts of water...
Never saw a sprout.

Yet here we were. Without being properly watered, without being kept in just the right location for light and sunshine, these seeds sprouted.
His theory was simple,
"...the Sunshine still got to it, and remember, 
I put in a little water when I made it?!"

He was so incredibly proud of his new found "garden bag", and I was resisting the urge to run off and Google how this could have happened. Successful germination of seeds without consistent light and just the right amounts of watering. Interesting.

Then, as I watched his excitement grow while he talked about his garden, I had another enlightening moment as a Preschool teacher/ Mother. Sometimes, as a teacher and/or parent, we try so hard to do everything "right". We try to make sure we're on top of the latest and greatest discovery on how to properly parent, teach, and grow little people. Even though we work so hard at doing it all "the right way", we still struggle. We don't always see any growth. 
We wonder if anything we do is even working. 

When we just let go, have fun, stop over thinking the process, 
and just play with them... 

growth occurs.
"All of the plant came out of this tiny seed Momma, 
because this seed just had to grow..."

Yes son, it sure did :)

So, I wish I really could tell you how to successfully grow a garden in a bag. I wish I could provide you with a step by step guide, photos included, and promise you pretty little green sprouts in the end. All I can really say though is, throw some dirt in a bag, add a little water and some seeds, seal it up... and then keep playing with your kids. 

Growth is always happening when you're busy playing,

Ms. Liz

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