Clubhouse Paint, Just add Leche

There are certain words in my home that are almost always said in Spanish. There are also certain words in my home that are almost always said 150 times a day. Leche falls into both of those categories. It is Milk, and it is my Son's absolute favorite thing to drink, above all, bar none. He asks for it all day, all the time. He has even been known to ask for it in his sleep, which leads me to believe he dreams about it. Yes, it is a hot commodity in this house. I have often contemplated purchasing a cow.

So today when I brought some tins full of leche into the Clubhouse Classroom, he was ready to lap it up like a kitten and get on with his day. 

When I explained we would be making rainbows in the milk, he just wanted to know if he could drink it when we were done. Not this time buddy.

I used whole milk, food coloring, dish soap and toothpicks. This was so incredibly simple, and the results were quite impressive.

First, let the kids squeeze drops of food coloring into their milk.

Then, let them dip the end of the "rainbow maker" into the milk.
(That's really just a toothpick that has been dipped in the dish soap, 
but why call it that when you can make this magical?)

Now, watch the magic...

The colors seem to instantly run away from the toothpick...

"Rainbows in my leche!!!"

Everyone dipped,

and swirled,

and made rainbows.

The kids wanted to try "normal toothpicks" to see if they worked the same.

They didn't.

So they went back to their "rainbow makers" and kept creating magic :)

It was quite beautiful, as you can see...

and we successfully made it through the entire activity without my Son sticking his face in the tin and drinking up.

Milk, it does a body good... and you can make rainbows in it!

Ms. Liz

**Our inspiration was found here, at another blog name I adore... Modern Parents Messy Kids. 

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