Clubhouse Tray: 3D Art

This activity is a perfect example of what happens when I set out a simple invitation to engage in an activity, and the Clubhouse Kids decide to pick it up and take off running.
Not literally. 
There was no running involved. 
Actually, there was a lot of sitting still involved. 

I found a large latch hook canvas rug at a local garage sale, paid $2 for the entire canvas knowing I would do something with it eventually. The pipe cleaners are always on hand, but thanks to a Clubhouse Mom who decided to gift the classroom with a basket of goodies on the first day of school (how awesome is that?) we had even more pipe cleaners than usual.

Latch hook rug canvas and pipe cleaners, that was all we needed.

The pipe cleaners are the perfect size to lace right through the square holes in the latch hook canvas, and little hands are able to maneuver the pipe cleaners a lot easier than regular yarn. 

The pipe cleaners bend to their will, and they lace away.

Usually tray activities are one child activities, but this one immediately took on a life of it's own as all of the Clubhouse Kids became involved. The tray was set aside, and the activity took over the entire table.
Then it happened. Another one of those why didn't I think of that kind of moments where a Clubhouse Kid takes something to another level. He rolled his canvas into a circle and started to lace it upright, even managing to lace it shut so it stood on it's own. Hence, the activity became 3D, and everyone started to shape their creations. Giving credit where credit is due, I am totally not the one that thought of this when I set out the activity. Trumped by a Clubhouse Kid, again.
Seeing their interest peaked and their creativity sparked, I left the canvas and pipe cleaners out on the table and they continued working on their 3D Designs throughout the week. I had to add more canvas, and decided to cut it in a variety of different shapes and sizes. This gave me the idea that you could start this activity with simple shapes, and allow the kids to make the 3D version of those shapes; cubes, cylinders, cones and pyramids could easily be created from the pliable canvas and laced with the pipe cleaners. Another time. For now, I simply continued to allow the Clubhouse Kids to create whatever they wanted to create...

...and create they did.

As they worked throughout the week, I realized they were indeed creating an entirely new art display for the Clubhouse Classroom. I look forward to arranging the display and adding photos of them hard at work creating it. 

I will also leave the latch hook canvas, cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, right next to the pipe cleaners in our Arts & Craft Corner. I have a feeling this display is a work in progress.

My favorite piece is one they all worked on together, lacing and poking and connecting until they had a mobile like creation. I do believe the only way to properly display this one will be to hang it...

Maybe I'll hang the entire display. 
3D Mobile Art in the first week of school, these Clubhouse Kids are definitely off to a running start.
Not literally.
There was no running involved.
Actually, there was a lot of sitting still involved.
Bonus :)

Ms. Liz

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