Clubhouse Manger

This was a very simple, and fun, little craft I did with my Clubhouse Kid last holiday season. Unpacking the Christmas boxes, it warmed my heart when I found it. I tracked down the photos of when we made this (I was not actively blogging back then, but I was still an avid photo taker) and decided to share...

First, I got some brown paint and let my baby boy paint his foot. 

He was thrilled with this part, so we probably did it about 8 times. 

Extra footprints for the grandparents are never a bad thing.

Once the foot was all brown and ready,
we stamped it onto the paper.

Simple enough, and who doesn't love a chubby little footprint?

The little head of baby Jesus was my boy's messy little thumbprint :)

Paint on some swaddling clothes and a few extras, and you're done.

For some free, fun Nativity printables visit one of the links below:

For more nativity fun, get your little one their very own nativity set!

I purchased this one for my Clubhouse Kid to have on his first Christmas, and he has used it every Christmas since.

It really is perfect for little hands who want to replay the story over and over and over again ;)

You can find this set on Amazon by clicking here:

Little People Christmas Story Nativity Scene Playset

One thing we have also had the pleasure of enjoying every Christmas since my son was born, is a living nativity here in our local community. 

If they have these anywhere near you (it may just be a warmer climate option, a benefit of no snow on Christmas) I highly recommend it. It's become a family tradition we all enjoy together. 

For those in our local community, check out the details on the Living Nativity Facebook page here.

"And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger..."                                                                                             Luke 2:7

Now, go paint some little toes...

Ms. Liz :)

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