Clubhouse Creation: Gak Dough!

There are a lot of materials on hand in the Clubhouse Classroom, available for the Clubhouse Kids to engage, explore and create with.

As they were trying to decide between a container of Glitter Gak and one full of Cloud Dough, a Clubhouse Kid asks,

"What would happen if we mixed them together?"

First, Cloud Dough. For the recipe, check out this post where we made some Chocolate Cloud Dough.

This time we had not only the chocolate, but also some strawberry (red food coloring mixed into the vegetable oil), and vanilla (white flour and vanilla extract mixed in the oil).

The Clubhouse Kids love Cloud Dough. 

They scooped their three "flavors" into a variety of containers to make "bread", "cupcakes", and "ice cream".

With glitter for "sprinkles", this was a popular dramatic play/sensory activity. 

The Glitter Gak we had on hand was also another simple sensory creation, and you can find the recipe here.

They have stretched, rolled, and cut this Gak in so many ways you'd be surprised we still had any in storage.

We did though, and so our adventure began...

There was no measuring.
They dumped some cloud dough into the gak.
They poured some gak into the cloud dough. 
They mixed, stirred, kneaded and rolled until they achieved a result they were pleased with...

The consistency was still stretchy, but not sticky. It was moldable, like a play dough, yet soft like the cloud dough. 

The Clubhouse Kids deemed it "Gak Dough" and had a lot of fun with their creation for the rest of the afternoon.

Preschoolers can invent things too ya know ;)

Ms. Liz

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