Clubhouse Sticky Blocks

Most days the Clubhouse Kids love to build tall towers,
stacking blocks until they all come tumbling down.
Today, the tumbling down part was apparently getting a little bit annoying,

"Ms. Liz, can't we make these blocks stick?"

Here I had three Clubhouse Kids with a block dilemma,
and I just so happened to have three mini-cans of shaving cream.

I handed over the cans and told them to see what they could do to make the blocks stick.

The towers got taller and taller.

Soon we had a sticky block village.

Not all of the towers were tall though, some were just decorative. 

Take the "village store" for example...

The simple addition of some travel sized shaving cream cans turned block building into so much more. 

Sure, eventually the shaving cream ended up on things other than blocks...

All in the name of sticky tower sensory block building fun though, of course ;)
Ms. Liz

Did you know you could paint the Earth with shaving cream too? 
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