Clubhouse "Cloud Dough", Dinosaurs Attack!!

We have made every type of Play Dough under the Sun here at the Clubhouse, but this new "Cloud Dough" recipe I kept seeing pop up everywhere was completely new to us, and we love trying new things!

The first recipe I stumbled across called for 4 cups of Flour and 1/2 cup of Vegetable Oil. I have since seen different renditions using Canola Oil and calling it Moon Dough.  I wanted a Chocolate-ish Dough so we decided to venture out on our own with this one.

I wanted the dough to be the color of Sand, so we went with Whole Wheat Flour. For the Chocolate effect we added Cocoa Powder to the recipe.

We were doing this activity in the sensory table so I went with a larger quantity of ingredients, hoping for a pretty large batch.
  • 7 cups Whole Wheat Flour    
  • 1 cup Cocoa Powder
  • 1 cup Vegetable Oil

I just let the kids dump it all in and start mixing. They thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands in there and mashing it all together, and I must admit it smelled delightful! The cocoa powder added just the scent we were looking for.

It didn't take long for it to start to form into this dough I have heard so much about. I don't know why it gets it's name from the Clouds or the Moon, it actually felt like that perfect combination you get when you add just the right amount of sand to water. That sand that makes the best sandcastles.

Once it was all mixed up I added some cups, heart shaped cookie cutters and silicone molds, which are available throughout the Clubhouse Classroom.

Little hands went right to work stuffing and sculpting and building, every once in awhile stopping to inhale that scent. I'm not kidding, it smelled fantastic!

When packed nice and tight, it held the shape of the mold. 

The sensory table smelled like chocolate and was full of hearts and castles. All the kids were focused on their creations. 

It was lovely... 





The kids are always bringing items from other parts of the classroom to the sensory table, and I encourage such exploration. That is what learning is all about. It's amazing how they use the sensory experience to complete their own research, and often times they take the activity in an entirely different direction. 

As is the case here.

Goodbye hearts and castles, 
Hello Dinosaur World.

The castles turned to towers, and weren't built fast enough before a Dinosaur came along to destroy them. They took turns being the Dinosaur who built the tower, and the Dinosaur who got to stomp it all down. Yes, these were very polite Dinosaurs. 

Then they started to explore the imprints the Dinosaurs made, comparing the size of their footprints and deciding that the bigger the foot was, the bigger the Dinosaur was. 

It didn't end with feet though. Now they wanted to see if they could leave teeth marks behind... (which worked, by the way!)

On and on the Dinosaur exploration went, and to think... it isn't even Dinosaur Week ;) 

One of my favorite things about this age group is how fluidly they can shift into a new direction, and how as a Teacher (or Parent) you get to enjoy the ride as they explore and learn.

Learning is what happens when you're busy making lesson plans, right? 

In this case, Dinosaurs are what happen when 
kids have had enough Hearts for one week :)

I'll tell you one thing though, these were the best smelling Dinosaurs I've ever met.

I think I'll call it Dino Dough,

Ms. Liz

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