Clubhouse Scientist: An Eyeball, a Jar, and a Giveaway!

Whenever I travel without my Clubhouse Kid, I make it a point to bring back a gift for him. Unfortunately, I usually don't remember to get said gift until I'm at the airport awaiting departure. That leaves me to search airport shops looking for something fun that doesn't cost more than my airfare.

In this case, I found an eyeball.

What boy wouldn't be excited to receive an eyeball from California?

...and so it begins.

He was excited about his "Monster Science Eyeball" and we immediately started with our observations, taking notes together in his Science journal.

He noted how the eyeball fit right into his hand. He also observed that is was, "hard", "dry", and "..not magnetic" (everything around here gets tested with a magnet).

He traced around the eyeball so we could measure the circumference, and then he drew another circle predicting how big the eyeball would become.
When it was time to put the eyeball into water we placed it into a casserole dish, and made sure it was completely covered with water. He selected this be our observation dish because apparently we had no idea how big our eyeball was going to get. I obliged.

Putting it into the water he was incredibly excited to observe that,


We love sink or float experiments around here, you can see one of our favorites in this post here.

His next prediction, "When it gets bigger, it's gonna float."

So he insisted on adding a few small objects that float into the dish for comparison. He also thought it was important we write down the time we put the eyeball in the water. 8:45am.
This thing could grow in a matter of a minutes, and he was going to be ready.
All we had to do now was wait...
..and wait.
....and wait a little more.
More waiting.
Still waiting.
I'm not even simply talking Preschooler type waiting here, which is usually around 4 minutes.
I'm talking real waiting.
A week.
Almost 2 weeks.
So, thing is, I needed my casserole dish. I'm constantly losing items from my kitchen in the name of Science and I am definitely ok with that. This wasn't working though and I had to cook, preferably something without an eyeball in it.
He was disappointed, so we agreed to put the eyeball (and our floating testers) into a jar and continue to observe.

Suddenly, lo and behold, in like 2 minutes (ok, more like 2 days) we had this...

Now my Clubhouse Kid was ecstatic!

"Is it soft now?"

"Is it squishy?"

"Can I roll it?"

"We need to remeasure the circummmmfrence..."

Only one problem now Clubhouse friends...

We can't get the eyeball out of the jar.

 Can you help us please, in the name of Science?

We need some eyeball testers out there!

Here's the deal, head on over to the Fit Kids Clubhouse Facebook page (and "like" it if you don't already). You will see the picture of our trapped eyeball. All you have to do is leave a comment on that photo about who you could have fun growing an eyeball with. One week from today, Monday May 13th, everyone who commented will get their name put into a random drawing to win an eyeball of your own. We'll be giving out 5 eyeballs in hopes we can collect some eyeball data from our winners. Can you help us out? I mean really, does it take everyone that long to grow an eyeball?
...and is it squishy?!?

All we have now is an eyeball in a jar staring at us, taunting us...

I see you.


Ms. Liz

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