Clubhouse Eyeball Experiment

If you read our last post you know all about our little conundrum.

If not, let me sum it up for you. 

We have an eyeball stuck in a jar.

For specific details on how this happened to us, see our Eyeball Experiment post here.

Special thanks to everyone who has visited our Fit Kids Clubhouse Facebook page and provided us with different ideas on how to get my Clubhouse Kid's hands on the eyeball.

It took awhile for him to want to attempt anything.

I think he has grown fond of his eyeball.

Finally, he agreed to drain the water,
...and try to shake the eyeball out.

 That clearly wasn't going to do the trick.
So he pokes around in there to see what the eyeball feels like.

This was his first time touching the eye since we started the experiment and he was expecting something squishy.

Squishy it was not.
Actually it still felt pretty hard.

He decided we should just leave it upside down, no water left in the jar, and watch it.

Really though, it's still watching us.
He's hoping the absence of water will allow it to shrink just enough to get it out.

We're still waiting.

Is this thing ever gonna shrink?!?

We are now very much looking forward to the eyeball experiments and results from our giveaway winners. Are all of the eyeballs this tricky, or was ours some sort of faulty airport purchase?

Head on over to our Facebook page to find out if you're a winner.
We will be starting an Eyeball Experiment(s) photo album and be updating the eyeball stats as they come in.

This is a Science Experiment you definitely want to keep an eye on.

Oh come on, you knew I had to say it ;)

Ms. Liz

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