Clubhouse Crayons, the Heart Shaped kind!

Here at the Clubhouse we save every broken crayon bit we have. We even save the crayons that were left out in the Sun on a 110 degree day and have turned into crayon pancakes. They all go into a jar, and when the jar is full we make new crayons. We have seen our fair share of circular chunky crayons, square crayons, stars, etc. Hearts remained untouched though, so what better month to explore this new shape if not February!

The pictures are all over Pinterest, and the "recipe" varies. I always stick to one tried and true method that works for us. So simple, and the results are always wonderful. I could never imagine throwing out a crayon bit again!!

We had more than enough crayon pieces on hand, paper already removed. (I try to always take the paper off before it goes in our broken crayon jar, that way when it's time for a project like this I don't have to spend 45 minutes peeling crayons.. not fun.)

Although some people prefer to color coordinate and keep the crayons within certain color ranges, I just let the kids jump in and put the pieces wherever they want.
This heart shaped bake-ware was easily located at the local market, where the Valentines Display is about 3 aisles wide. I'm pretty sure you can find just about anything in a heart shape this time of year.
Once all the hearts were filled up, off to the oven we went. Preheated at 200 degrees, timer set for 10 minutes. The key part of this whole process is not forgetting you have crayons in the oven!

After 10 minutes, they still had a few chunky crayon bits in them so I stirred them a little with a toothpick and gave them 5 more minutes.

Perfectly melted and right out of the oven, I put them into the freezer for 10 minutes. After that they pop right out and are ready to use!

Heart Shaped Crayons in less than half an hour, perfect for the Preschooler who has been waiting to see the result of all of his hard work picking up crayon bits the past month ;)

Color Me Happy,

Ms. Liz

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