Chase the Sunset

This evening the dishes were piled in the sink
(because the dishwasher was full),
the laundry was piled in baskets
(because the washer was full with that load I need to wash again),
and it was nearing the end of one of those long days where you never stop doing,
yet nothing feels like it got done.

I breathe deeply, and remember this is the Summer of Gratitude.
I am grateful that I have a dishwasher, a sink, running water.
I am grateful I have a washing machine, clothes,
healthy boys that get those clothes dirty.
I am grateful I am able to do,
and I am grateful that although it doesn't feel like it,
things did get done.

Breathe again, time to dig in and do more.

Then he walks in and says,
"Momma, did you see the sky? It's so ORANGE."

Yes buddy, the Sun is setting.

"Can I catch it?"

Sure, just go look out of the window.

He grins,
"No Mom, I mean if I chase it... can I catch it?"

He knows that sometimes when you want something,
you have to chase it.
He wants to get closer to that orange sky.

I need to wash the dishes, do the laundry, tuck him in.
Prep for tomorrow, take a shower, write a post.

Sometimes choosing gratitude means choosing to chase the sunset.

I drop everything, grin back at him, and run to the front door.
He follows.

Have you ever really tried to catch the sunset?

Off we go.

He runs right past me, straight towards the orange glow.

I am grateful that when I really stop and listen,
I can see through his eyes.

The sky was brilliant,
and the memory of him running as fast as he could towards the orange glow will remain even more brilliant.

There will be plenty of dishes and loads of laundry.
Eventually though,
he will stop thinking he can catch everything he chases.
He may even stop realizing how orange the sky can be.

I am grateful I stopped, listened, and took the time to allow this moment.

What are you grateful for today?

Chase the sunset,
Ms. Liz
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