Summer of Gratitude

I have a few posts sitting in my drafts folder, waiting for their finishing touches. Trying to decide which one to finish first I glanced at the stats and realized that I have published 99 posts.


That meant the next post was going to be, clearly, number 100.

For some reason to me that meant the post had to be something different. Something I hadn't done before. I tossed around a few ideas, and then boarded a plane to San Francisco, CA for a conference. The conference was going to be all about Early Childhood Education, there just had to be inspiration there, right?

Well, there was. It just didn't happen in the conference room.

It happened on a busy intersection, behind the wheel of a car. A terrifying car accident that shook me to my core. After the shock and the shaking, and beyond the bumps and the bruises, there is a very clear feeling that has completely overtaken me. It is that feeling that found this post...

I am grateful. Grateful that the kids in the car with me were completely unscathed. Grateful that no one else involved was seriously injured. Grateful that I was, albeit shaken and in pain, able to board a flight back home to my boys and resume my life.

Just. Plain. Grateful.

I'm not saying that I was one who took things for granted beforehand, because I have often focused on slowing down and focusing on what matters. This is different though.

Looking at my life now, through the memory of that cracked windshield, I can only see things more vividly.

That lead me to ask myself, how does my Son see things? Sure he "uses his manners", but saying thank you isn't always the same as feeling thanks.

He knows Mommy was in a car accident and he is glad Mommy is home. There aren't enough snuggles in a day around here right now, and that is fine with me. I decided to build upon the snuggles with conversation. What are you thankful for buddy?

"My family, and food. My classroom, and people who protect us. Soldiers, because they fight for our Country. Neighbor Steve, and sunblock... and time with you." 

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”    -William Ward

Hence begins our Summer of Gratitude.

We started with a list. I tossed a few ideas on it based on what my Clubhouse Kid is thankful for. It's a good way to kick off our Summer. The list is at the end of this post, a free printable for you should you care to join us on our journey. Or you can make your own list, tailoring it to your child's specific answer to the question, "What are you thankful for?". Summer Bucket Lists are everywhere, and they are awesome. This one is a little different though. We're on a mission.

Won't you come along?

Let's make this the Summer we truly reflect on what we are grateful for, and teach our children to do the same. It doesn't have to be all about grand gestures, often it's just a small moment.

Fit Kids Clubhouse will be posting weekly about where we are at in our journey. Aside from our bucket list, we also have crafts and activities planned, and some special surprises. There will be links and guest posts from some amazing kid bloggers, and fun giveaways.

Most of all, there will be A LOT of Gratitude ;)

What are some of the ways that you can join us?

  • When you check an item off of your list.. let us know. Post a comment, or photo, on the Fit Kids Clubhouse Facebook page. We would LOVE to share that moment with you.
  • Pop back to the blog to follow the Summer of Gratitude Linky Party, which can be found here. Bloggers will be linking up how they share, teach, express Gratitude. Do you blog? Link up. Not a blogger? Feel free to share your moments in the comments.
  • Share your own journey on Instagram. Feeling Gratitude when you snap the photo? Expressing Gratitude in the photo? Simply use the hashtag, #summerofgratitude. Fit Kids Clubhouse is on Instagram and we will be checking in on those photos daily, as well as sharing our own.  We will also be checking in on that hashtag on our Twitter account and G+ account. Gotta love the hashtag, no?
  •  Follow our Summer of Gratitude board on Pinterest (here) so that you don't miss a post ;) I have already been working on adding some really great posts to this board sharing Gratitude crafts & activities, many of which we will highlight in the weeks to come. So go ahead, take a peek.

That's just about it for my 100th post. I've had fun writing the other 99 posts you'll find on this blog, but I can honestly say I have never felt as passionate about a post as I do about this one. Even if just one reader decides to consciously feel thankful, and share those feelings with their child, that's all that matters. All it takes is one seed.

I'm walking away from the wreckage of that accident,
and insisting on making a positive impact.

Thank you,
Ms. Liz

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