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Happy first day of January :)

First thing this morning my Clubhouse Kid asked me,
"What day is it and how many days until we go to Buffalo?"

He led me right into today's activity, getting our January calendar ready.

We have been working on our 2013 calendar center, and wanted to have a space where we displayed the entire month. I wanted a monthly calendar in which he could trace the name of the month and all of the dates, since he is very much into tracing right now and enjoys practicing his letter and number writing. I also wanted the month and days of the week listed in both English and Spanish, since we are always incorporating Spanish into the Clubhouse Classroom. My searches came up with no results, so I took to making the template myself...
Once I got started, I ended up deciding to make our entire calendar center bilingual and interactive. I hope to have the entire center done and shared with all of you by the end of the week, so be sure to stop back by the Clubhouse to see what we've done.

In the meantime, if a traceable, bilingual calendar template works for you... feel free to click on the link below and get your free printable. My Clubhouse Kid loves to trace, but some of the other Clubhouse Kids have taken to simply coloring their calendars, or tracing only certain dates. Whatever works for them, right? :)

This is my first attempt at creating a free printable,
fingers crossed I did it right and it works for you :D

Happy New Year and
Feliz Año Nuevo,

Ms. Liz :)
Traceable Bilingual Calendar Templates

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