Clubhouse Spiderwebs

"She was very busy spinning her web..."
"The Very Busy Spider" spins her web to catch the fly.

"At my house we use the fly swatter to catch flies..."


Another Clubhouse Kid comment that inspires an activity...

A couple of fly swatters and some black paint.


Splat. Splat. Splat. Splat.

"I'm done spinning my web!"

"My web needs a busy spider!"

"Spiders are brown sometimes, right?"

Yes, and in Arizona we stay far away from those Spiders.

"I want to use the worm paint to make a spider."

A nice big squirt of puffy paint,
Brown and leftover from our Diary Of A Worm activities.

"Spiders have 8 legs...


They love getting their fingers in the puffy paint.

Yup, that did the trick.

"My spider has 3 eyes, is that ok?"

You can give your spider as many eyes as you would like, and in fact, spiders can have lots of eyes or no eyes at all. 
There are even spiders with 8 or 12 eyes! 
Not that I ever want to see that. 

Alas, the Clubhouse Classroom is currently covered in webs, 
and eerie brown Spiders with multiple eyes.
All awaiting their prey...

Perhaps it's time to conjure up some flies,

Ms. Liz

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