Clubhouse Jars, Glitter Included.

Working on a new project for the Classroom I decided that we needed a Glitter Jar. We have done a wide variety of Sensory Jars/Bottles in the past, and always have them around the classroom. They are usually a very quick, simple activity and the end result is something that can be used again and again. There is such a wide variety of types of Sensory bottles you can make, it all depends on what the purpose is for the bottle and what materials you are comfortable using with/ for your child.

Since I have a very specific purpose for this sensory bottle, I used a glass jar. It is actually from an old jar of Pasta Sauce (I told you I never throw anything away around here...) and has the lid as well. Lids are definitely required for this to work!

I also wanted a specific color, a deep blue. Back to the food coloring. You know I don't even remember the last time I used food coloring for actual food?

We filled the jar almost halfway with water, and then put some food coloring in.

Then came the corn syrup.
We needed just about the same amount of corn syrup as we had water, and after discussing how thick the corn syrup was and how slowly it came out of the bottle, he decided he had to start squeezing the bottle a little harder.

Then he added the glitter.                    
He took some time to observe how the layers were separated, the corn syrup having settled to the bottom and the glitter floating on top.  

Securing the lid as tightly as possible he mixed it all together 
to see what happens next.

He was clearly impressed.
When everything is settled, the jar looks like this:

Give it a little shake and you have this:
The glitter settles slowly, thanks to the addition of the corn syrup... which is exactly the result I wanted for the project I am working on for the Clubhouse Classroom.

Everything is more fun when you add glitter,
Ms. Liz

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